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  • For the past six years, we've been reverse engineering Tesla cars and components with the original goal of being able to support and service our own cars once the warranty runs out.

  • Tesla has made it difficult to service your own car, but with some engineering ingenuity and a lot of time on research and development, we've development methods by which we can both service our own cars, and remotely service cars in the field.

eMMC Replacement

Version 1 MCUs on Model S and X can fail with the notorious black screen, we can fix them by replacing the eMMC. We can do it before it fails, preventively, or after it actually failed (including data recovery)


Given the low-level access to cars that we have, we can retrofit newer or better parts into cars.


Due to the modular nature of Teslas, we can install next generation components into older cars to keep them on the road longer.

R & D

Ask us about specialized tasks specific to your needs (eg. web portals, CAN monitors, remote access)

Forensic Investigation

Teslas log a lot of data, ask us about getting access to it for investigatory work.

OEM & Dealership service

We offer support and a variety of services for independent Tesla shops to help you work on Teslas. We have experience servicing Tesla S/X/3/Y and can help with diagnostics, and firmware redeploys while sharing our years of experience. Contact us for more information. We already supply 3 shops in Canada and 2 in the US.



Some examples of our work



Mail-in Tegra

900$ cad
  • You open your MCU
  • Ship Tegra board to us
  • Return shipping included
  • For adventurous users
  • Usually ships same day

Mail-in MCU

1050$ cad
  • You remove your MCU
  • Ship it to us
  • Return shipping included
  • For slightly less advanturous users
  • Usually ships same day

Whole car

1250$ cad
  • You leave us your car for a day
  • We take care of the MCU removal
  • More work for us
  • Less work for you
  • Takes about 3 hours

Our Team


Skilled Engineers with years of experience

Robert Cotran

Chief Executive officer

Jean-Claude Thibault

Chief Technical Officer

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